Even before her work in government, Cathy was involved with the PTA at her children’s schools.  Cathy knows the importance of education and preparing students now to be the future leaders and innovators we expect them to become.  She knows that to be effective, our schools need to incorporate technology and prepare the students for real-world, 21st-century jobs.  Cathy knows that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) training is a critical part of that preparation.  In each year of her first term, Cathy hosted an annual recognition ceremony at Chesapeake High School & STEM Academy to honor elementary school participants from 6th District elementary schools who won their respective Science, Technology, Education and Math (STEM) fairs.  Cathy believes that the best gift we can leave to future generations is the opportunity to succeed, and keeping youth engaged and excited is the best preparation.

This opportunity begins with good schools. and since taking office, Cathy has worked with the Superintendent, and school administrators, as well as the local school teachers, principals and parents to make sure that they have the resources they need to provide a quality education. Through her hard work, Councilwoman Bevins was able to ensure that all Sixth District Schools were air-conditioned. This is the first Council District to have one-hundred percent of its public schools’ air-conditioned.

Cathy knows that a healthy learning environment starts with the building it occupies, and she has been a driving force behind school construction projects which have been completed or funded in each of the budgets, during her time in office:

  • First Council person to have 100% of schools air-conditioned
  • New 735 seat Elementary School on Ridge Road

  • Bringing a new 1,500 seat Middle School at Nottingham Park
  • Funding for a larger replacement school at the current Victory Villa Elementary School
  • Recently completed renovations at Parkville High School
  • $16 million + upgrade/ renovations for Overlea High School
  • Air Conditioning improvements at:
    • Middleborough Elementary School
    • Elmwood Elementary School
    • Hawthorne Elementary School
    • Parkville Middle School
    • Overlea High School
    • Golden Ring Middle School
    • Middle River Middle School
    • Orems Elementary School

Cathy Bevins recognizes that strong communities are the key to a strong county, and Cathy knows the importance of listening and working with the community.  Eastern Baltimore County, and especially the 6th District, includes a diverse geographic landscape — with dense, urban, suburban, and rural communities, including many on the waterfront — and Cathy knows that priority issues in one community may vary from the issues that are important on the other side of the district.  Cathy is proud of the many relationships she has built with the strong network of community associations and civic groups that work on behalf of their communities, and she knows the importance of working together to keep these communities proud, safe, and strong. Since being in office Cathy and her office have successfully handled over 5,000 constituent cases.

Since taking office, Cathy has worked with local community associations to bring a variety of neighborhood improvements, including the following:

  • Securing funding to get new curbs for the ballfields on Fuselage Avenue in Aero Acres
  • Facilitating Project Clean Stream community clean-ups in Harford Park, Hawthorne, Linover Park, and White Marsh Run/Bird River Grove Road, just to name a few
  • Securing funding to pave roads in the Hamiltowne Community in Rosedale
  • Facilitating meetings and negotiations for the Essex Skypark to secure a 99-year lease with Baltimore County to remain a staple in its Back River Neck community
  • Securing funding to elevate frequently flooded a portion of Bowleys Quarters Road and to install sidewalks on heavily-traveled area leading to shopping center
  • Ensuring adequate road paving and restoration projects along various community roadways, including re-paving the entire Hawthorne community
  • Working to enhance visual and aesthetic appearance of county-owned property in Overlea, including new fence above Belair Road mural

Cathy is a friend to the environment, and loves to enjoy the outdoors, and the wonderful natural resources available in and around the area, and she understands the importance of thinking ahead, and planning for the future.  Cathy knows that our actions, plans, and policies today will impact the quality and availability of our most precious and delicate natural resources for future generations to enjoy.  The 6th District includes hundreds of square miles of waterfront and environmentally sensitive land within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, and Cathy has taken significant steps to protect the environmental and limited resources, including the following:

  • Secured funding for the Bird River dredging project
  • Protecting the URDL, and maintaining resource conservation zoning to prevent residential development on 290+ acres of environmentally sensitive land located on the Bird River
  • Securing and utilizing Project Open Space funding for Baltimore County to acquire 58+ undeveloped acres of waterfront property on the Middle River for recreational open space and waterfront amenities
  • Worked to resume the water quality testing program in eastern Baltimore County waterways for the protection of families who enjoy these rivers for swimming, boating, and recreational use
  • Advocating for and approving contractual agreements between property owners and the Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability to secure conservation easements to protect and prevent the development of hundreds of acres of undeveloped land through Coastal Rural Legacy and other land-conservation programs
  • Approving grant funding and participating in watershed cleanups with the Back River Restoration Committee

The 6th District is home to some of Baltimore County’s largest employers, as well as many family-owned and operated small businesses.  From large, manufacturing centers, business and office parks, to the local marinas, community-based shops, boutiques and restaurants, Cathy knows that a strong and viable economic core is key to stable communities.  Cathy makes every effort to shop local, and to patronize local business, and is a regular supporter and advocate for many of the local business and trade associations that represent local businesses in the 6th District, including the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce, Chesapeake Gateway Chamber of Commerce, Marine Trades Association of Baltimore County, Parkville-Carney Business and Professional Association, Overlea-Fullerton Business and Professional Association, Perry Hall – White Marsh Business Association, and as a paid member of the Pulaski Highway Business Association.

Since taking office, Cathy has also looked for opportunities to promote smart economic development throughout her district.  Many of her land use decisions have focused on the importance of redevelopment and investing in dynamic, mixed-use projects that create job opportunities.

  • Advocated for an Outlet Shopping Center to come to White Marsh, which will be the first Outlet Shopping Center in Baltimore County creating thousands of construction jobs and up to 1,600 permanent jobs. Phase 1 of this project is a $100,000 million investment in White Marsh.
  • New and exciting projects, with thousands of jobs, are underway along Campbell Blvd & Philadelphia Road in White Marsh, Baltimore Crossroads @ 95, and the Middle River Depot
  • Rezoned 65+ acres of manufacturing-zoned land on Eastern Blvd. in Middle River to encourage redevelopment of former GSA Depot for mixed-use development.  Economic impact study: $210 million development gives potential for 6000 jobs