Your Priorities are Cathy’s Priorities

Councilwoman Cathy Bevins is delivering results for the hardworking men and women of Baltimore County.  Cathy is committed to working to improve the quality of life of the 6th District.

Cathy Bevins is a friend of the environment.  Baltimore County is home to thousands of acres of sensitive land and hundreds of miles of waterfront.  Cathy delivered results for the 6th District by protecting environmentally sensitive waterfront from development, reviving water quality testing, and granting funds to the Back River Restoration Committee to ensure that Baltimore County citizens have clean waterways to enjoy. Recently, Cathy secured funding to dredge the Bird River.

Cathy Bevins delivers results.  Cathy has built a reputation of excellent constituent service and has worked daily to resolve literally thousands of “rubber-meets-the-road”, quality of life issues.  In just her 7 years in office, she has addressed over 6,000 constituent service requests for issues including code violations, illegal dumping and trashy lots, roadway improvements, new sidewalks, traffic calming, and senior and youth services.

Cathy Bevins is working hard to improve public safety in the 6th District. Cathy works with law enforcement agencies to keep our neighborhoods safe. Cathy was instrumental in alerting the police and initiating an investigation into illegal massage parlors being used as a cover for sex trafficking and prostitution. Additionally, Cathy sponsored and passed legislation to ban the sale of synthetic marijuana (Spice) and to reduce cell phone theft and robberies by deterring thieves from selling stolen phones for quick cash. Recently, Cathy fully funded the Police Department and sponsored legislation requiring background checks on Recreation and Park Volunteers who interact with children.

Cathy Bevins knows that quality education is a top priority for the people of the 6th District.  Cathy believes that education is the key to developing a skilled workforce. Cathy has been a champion for parents, teachers, and school-aged children, making sure the schools in the 6th district get their fair share and fought to open three new schools to address overcrowding. Cathy in just the last two budget sessions has secured millions of dollars of funding to provide renovations, including air conditioning, in five schools in the 6th District with more on the way. She is the first councilperson to secure air conditioning for her entire district. Cathy knows secure schools are successful schools and she has supported security improvements such as remotely accessible security cameras in all Baltimore County elementary schools.

Cathy Bevins knows the driving force for stabilizing communities is a strong economic core.  Cathy’s land use decisions reflect the importance of RE-development and investing in dynamic, mixed-use projects that create job opportunities.  Cathy supports local businesses and has helped to jump-start new and exciting projects that will create thousands of new jobs. Recently, Cathy supported legislation to bring 6.000 jobs to Rt. 43 and sponsored legislation to allow 150 manufacturing jobs come to Middle River. Cathy knows small businesses and the existing jobs in the 6th District are the key to economic vitality.